Bluestacks for MAC | Download Bluestacks 3 for MAC Updated Version

How to Download Bluestacks on MAC: We all love playing games on our smartphones, but playing those same games on a bigger screen with better graphics and look is a blessing in disguise!  Bluestacks will make you experience one of the best gaming experience, if you do not know about it then let me tell you that bluestacks is an android application for all the MAC users. there are many competitors of bluestacks however this is still the best in them and the best part about it is that it is absolutely free and no one has to pay for this although you can get the premium version of this application by paying the minimum cost.

BlueStacks for Laptop | BlueStacks Download on Mac

Bluestacks Mac is a free software you can install it as you install all other applications in your MAC. You can download this latest Bluestacks software for your Mac(iMAC, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or any other Mac systems if i missed it any) from this complete article. After using Bluestacks on Mac for the last 2 years i would strongly recommend this application on Mac as compared to the same application on Windows OS systems. Bluestacks makes Windows PC OS really slaggy and less optimised.

Bluestacks for Mac is the best way to turn your android or iOS apps on full and bigger screen. If there are any Windows users we have listed and written a beautiful article on Bluestacks on Windows PC. Do check it if you really wants this software on your PC.

Bluestacks for MAC | Download Latest Bluestacks on Mac

With bluestacks you can get access to as many applications as you want but for downloading bluestacks on your MAC device you need the following things. We are providing latest versions of Bluestacks for Mac, it’s completely free and it’s full version(249 MB).

  1. The user of the MAC must have an access to the MAC as an administrator, as they have to run the apps as an administrator.
  2. The MAC must be having at least the Yosemite or the OS X Mavericks.
  3. It should have about 4GB of RAM and about 2GB of free disk space.

If you have successfully completed the criteria of downloading this on your MAC phone then let me tell you the tempting features of it which will be a push over for you to give it a try!

Features of Bluestacks on Mac

We have listed best possible features of Bluestacks software related to Mac OS. Check them up here-Following are the features of the Bluestacks for MAC

  • The interface of this is very user friendly which works best for the new users.
  • There are few apps which pre- exist so you need not download them like facebook, twitter etc.
  • The user can now what is currently trending as it provides top charts, installed apps and more.
  • There is an inbuilt search engine which will help you to search applications of your choice.
  • Bluestacks player can also enable the user to download the apps from Google play store as well.

Bluestacks is one of the best to turn your MAC into an android device and get all your beloved games on the bigger screen, earlier this seemed to be impossible but with this impeccable service you can now do it easily by just following the below mentioned steps.

BlueStacks Download on Mac Devices

Follow the below-mentioned steps to Download Bluestacks on MAC

  • Click on the below mentioned official link of the bluestacks: Download Bluestacks for Mac OSX
  • If you get any unwanted message or warning message then avoid it completely as it the official page and it has no harm in downloading.
  • Once it is installed it is now become, ready to use so open it and wait until it loads.
  • After everything is done you can clearly see the main home page of the bluestacks.

How to Download Apps on Bluestacks on Mac?

Well though now if you have got bluestacks on your MAC many people face a confusion on how to download apps using bluestacks, if you have the same doubts then follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Make sure that your Google account is configured so that you can easily download apps and games from bluestacks and if not you can go to the settings option and configure it.
  • After the Google account has been linked one can easily search and simply download multiple apps for free.

    Download Apps Through Bluestacks on MAC OS

I bet you will love bluetsackS because of its user friendly features, but if you still want to make changes in it then follow the below mentioned steps.

  • The user has to click on the all apps option just on the top right corner of the App player.
  • Now the next thing you will see on your screen will be a settings icon.
  • And now after this you can easily change the settings of your bluestacks according to your own convenience.

Well everything with this application is very smooth however there is a possibility of facing some troubles and issues which are listed below.

  1. At times loading the home page becomes a problem which can be due to the slow internet connection or it can be due to the overloaded some configuration files, so delete them.

Show package contents > contents> config folder

Delete them and try to reload the main page again.

  1. Setting up a Google Account can be another issue, though this can be easily resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the applications, if that still doesn’t work then go for Open1mobile market which comes with bluestacks.
  1. Battery issues, well bluestacks is such an amazing place to be at that it kills the battery of the MAC however this issue can be only resolved if you completely close it while you are not using.

Other Than Mac Users Get Your Bluestacks from Here.

If you are literally facing a lot of trouble with this application you can uninstall it from your MAC device following the below mentioned steps.

  • The user has to go to the main menu and choose quit Bluestacks .
  • Now simply drag it to the trash section on your screen
  • After you do this a dialog box will pop-up asking your permission to store the data of your previous app preferences, the users can choose either to save it for future use or delete it, nonetheless it is a users choice.
  • Before being sure that the bluestacks is completely out of the system make sure it is ejected from your MAC.

Final words: Bluestacks Download Free on Mac(MacBook Air/Pro, Mac Pro, iMac and All)

People who have used this application have only given away the positive reviews of this; very rarely people have given the thought to uninstall it. Bluestacks opens the door to world of multiple applications on a bigger screen which earlier you could get only on your android device.And to get a superior quality service from this app you can even download the premium version of it however the user has to pay the minimal amount for it.The popularity of this has grown to such an extent that it is become one of the leading emulators for MAC which makes it worth a try!

Thank you.


  1. Hi there,
    i have been installed Bluestacks on my Mac Pro and i tried to play ” Guild of Heroes ” but i couldn’t open full display on my Laptop screen only can get 3/4 display.
    any ways how to fix it to get full screen ?

  2. I have so many problems in gameplay due to Bluestacks. It keeps resetting, causing any action to delete prior to resetting. It is so slow, it takes twice as long as it used to. I installed the update, Bluestacks 3 and no improvement. I will not be recommending the emulator to my friends.

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